Wk15-Art Activity-Design Thinking Applied to Life

As the semester closes, it was pretty cool that we had to design some life plans for ourselves to create a somewhat reassurance. The task was to see myself in three different roles. The first is the one that I am currently pursuing which is civil engineering. The second one is the “if the world no longer needed to hire civil engineers” to which I responded with a child psychologist. The last one is “if I had the financial stability and confidence to pursue whatever I wanted with no worry” and I chose an interior designer. Now to explain my choices. I love buildings, I love the process of creating them, the final product, the inside of them, and the stability of them. A job that pays a lot when it comes to buildings that is highly respected is a civil engineer since they look at the safety and process of creating a building. This has a lot to do with why I chose interior designer for the no worries choice because I feel it is the most fun to do without having to think to critically because partially something you get a feel for yet you have to be visionary with looking at the space your given. For my second choice, I chose child psychologist because I felt it was interesting yet challenging. In terms of the amount of school required for all these choices it goes: 2nd, 1st, 3rd choice. In terms of desire to do these choices its 3rd, 1st and 2nd.

In the past I have done interviews with engineers, even with engineers who are currently doing what I want to do and the interview becomes an interview for them where I ask them questions about where they went to school, where they first interned and when they were first employed.



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