On April 26 I met Grace Cha, she asked me if I wanted to do the classmate conversation with her and I was more than happy to know more about her. Grace is a freshman who commutes all the way from Irvine, not that it is very far, but I know how crazy the traffic can be. She said she didn’t mind it very much which was nice to hear. She currently studies speech pathology and to be honest I didn’t really know what that was or that was it even major so she explained how she helps people with speech impediments. She really wants to work in a hospital but feels that she more than likely going to be working with children first. She told me about how she’s been working in a curry place for about 5 months and she’s thinking about working at a sushi place over the summer. To wrap up our about school and work we talked about our pets to end on a good note. She told me about her two dogs, one is a puggle and a beagle and I told her about my cat. It was a really nice conversation.


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