Wk11-Classmate Conversation-Cassandra Rodriguez & Shannon Jenich

This week we changed things and did a three classmate conversation. I got to talk to Cassandra(my right) and Shannon(the very right).  As I was talking to both of these sweet girls I realized I actually had some things in common with them.

Cassandra is a third year as a theater major. She told me how she was going to be celebrated her 1 year anniversary with her boyfriend in May and I told her how I would celebrating my 6 month anniversary with my boyfriend, we thought it was kind of funny. She continued to tell me about the things she likes to do like roller skate which is actually something she had been doing since she was young. Her and I both work on campus, she works in the bookstore, and has been for almost two years now and I work in the dorms.

Shannon on the other hand, is a sophomore, like me, studying human development. She studying to become a nurse and I feel she has a lot of current experience for it. She spends most her time taking care of her aunt which is why she is currently unemployed. I was pretty fascinated by her last name and she told that its her mom’s who is from Slovenia. She also likes to play video game so we were able to break the ice with that when we talked about our favorite games and what types of consoles we’ve played.  We also each have a cat and showed each other a picture of them. Her cat Mushy is very adorable.snapchat-1346356965.jpg


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