Exhibition Information

  • Artist: Brittany Waters
  • Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Gallery:  CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
  • Instagram: @artbywaters

About the Artist 

CSULB student Brittany Waters is a BFA student in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program who will be walking this semester.

Formal Analysis

Brittany recreated a beach scene portraying the hatching of baby turtles as they walk over to the ocean. Her exhibit contains about 118 turtles. All the turtles were made from low fire white clay.  She explained how the first turtle she made took about 2-3 hours so to save time she used that turtle to create a mold. After that, the turtles took about 45 minutes. In the end the average time it took to create a turtle (molding. firing, painting, etc.) was about 2-3 hours. Before reaching the beach scene there is a walkway of instagram styled photos that use the turtles as if they were real and had actually just hatched. It looked extremely convincing. There were also photos of the turtles being made that cleared up the confusion.

Content Analysis

This exhibit was an endangered species statement that carried some sentiment to Brittany. She had always been inspired by nature, predominantly scenes like lakes and forests since she lived in Sacramento, then when she was around twelve years old she went to Hawaii which was the first time she been to the beach and into the ocean. She saw more nature at the beach than at other nature scenes. However, she now feels that beaches are so commercialized and humans have taken over the beach, making it difficult for other animals to enjoy it as well. She told me how turtles actually used to nest their eggs in Long Beach like 150 years ago but now activities like bonfires, noise and light pollution have made the beach ours.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I first entered her exhibit I felt like I was going to enter an aquarium. There were cute pictures of turtles, part of a tree was showing, I was excited to keep walking. I like the message she is giving to her audience about the environment through art. Her turtles were so realistic I didn’t even notice they were fake until she told me and showed me the pictures of her making them. I really liked her senior project.


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