Background: The USU Wedge is commonly known throughout the college by the students to cause traffic as it only allows one student at a time to pass through. One could avoid the traffic by walking around the awkward wall, but who wants to do that?

Mission: Solve the problem in the most efficient that causes no traffic and no student to walk around it.

Solution: Cut it. Walk through it. I can not tell you how many times I have told myself, “I want to fix this. Who made this? Why would someone put this here?” I figured it must have been for aesthetic reasons because this is just not practical. My first idea when I passed by it was just to move the wedge so that the opening was wider but that seemed like too much work.  When I walked by it again and took a picture of it in its entirety I thought, “Why not just keep it where it is and just cut it open?” Seemed pretty simple with the most beneficial results. It’d be the cheapest and way faster.

Side note: Our school has two of these! I didn’t even notice it has a twin structure right behind it! I didn’t see it until I walked up to it to get a full picture of its problematic brother. So if you’re going to miss it when it gets cut open, don’t there’s another one right by it.

Screenshot (14)


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