On March 26 I went to Venice Beach wth boyfriend to go check out the Venice Art Walls. I was going to go alone but he told me how he used to do graffiti and would love to come and do with me, it was pretty cool to learn that about him and be able to do it with him. When I first got there I was extremely intimidated , all of the pieces there were so good and I was about to put my work, keep in mind I have never done graffiti before, with them. I was able to find some room on a trash bin which I felt made sense because compared to all the other work mine was trash. I’m trying to put myself down, I just really want to emphasize how beautiful I thought their work was. I wrote my name and thought it pretty good for a quick first try. After I finished my boyfriend wanted to get in on the fun and wrote the word LOVE and my name. I thought he was doing pretty good and some lady even started recording him after I took a picture ad two other girls started watching him too. After he finished, we ended up staying on the beach and later walking through the shops. I had a really good day, I turned a project into a fun date idea.


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