Wk9-Artist Conversation-Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition Information

  • Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra
  • Exhibition: Recuerdos
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Gallery:  CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West
  • Email: dulce.soledad.ibarra@gmail.com

About the Artist 

CSULB undergraduate Dulce Soledad Ibarra  is a BFA student in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program who will be walking this semester.

Formal Analysis

Dulce’s exhibit was filled with dolls, figurines, clothes and other objects that had belonged to her aunt. The objects were placed on tables and shelves that had also belonged to her aunt that Dulce painted yellow. The art in this exhibit was not handmade by the artist but the placement of the objects and the value the objects that her aunt had for these objects is where I found the art in this exhibit.

Content Analysis

Dulce wanted to make a statement on the art found in memories, more specifically the objects that hold memories. How one object can mean so much to one person and nothing to someone else. I remember in my conversation with her how she told me she had no attachment to the objects in the room but she couldn’t imagine what they might’ve meant to her aunt.  The key topics she wanted to portray were along the lines of hoarding and ownership. Her aunt were hoard objects that related to events she wanted to remember.

Synthesis/My Experience

Walking into the exhibit, I think I felt what Dulce feels when she sees these objects and thinks of her aunt. When I saw these objects I automatically thought of my aunt and grandma because they hoard onto to objects like these too. It was interesting to see her bring out that feeling and those memories that I associate with two of my family members. Even as I walked out I remember Dulce asking me if I took one of the paper books explaining the exhibit. I told her I didn’t because I didn’t know those were for taking and she later explained that they work as a little “recuerdo” or takeaway of this exhibit. I thought the her exhibit was well thought out and I enjoyed it.


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