This week we went back to childhood art days and finger painted. I really liked it, reminded me of a simpler time. Mainly because I just finished doing loads of chemistry homework reminding that those childhood feelings are so rare nowadays. I started off by buying my oil paint from the dollar store, just like how my mom would for me when I was younger just because she knew how fast I’d go through it. Then I prepared my pallet. I started off with the basically colors red, blue, yellow, green, black and white. I was thankful for the black and white because that meant I could make pink and brighter green and blue since the ones in the pack were so dark. However, I should’ve added a little more white to my pink because it wasn’t as distinguishable as I wanted it to be. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and the last thing I wanted to do was overthink it so I made blobs and I tried to include as many colors as my fingers would allow me. I had a different color on every finger. Unlike the automatic drawing I was comfortable with the white that I left. After the blobs were painted I felt that something was missing. I had just made a finger painting and because I rubbed in the paint in rather than stroke it with my finger it didn’t really look like a finger painting. Where were my fingers? So I stamped it with my right hand. Then I felt that it looked lop sided so I stamped it with my left hand. I liked it, I think it looks cute.


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