Wk8-Classmate Conversation-Cattleya Reyes

On Wednesday March 15, I met with Cattleya Reyes to do the classmate conversation. Pretty simple, I looked around to see who was left after Glenn had released us to find a partner. I turned around and asked her if she had a partner and she invited me to sit next to her. From there I learned that Cattleya is a first year pre-nursing major which must’ve sucked after we had basically made it clear that it is a very tough major in class. That’s why I asked her why she would do that herself. She told me about how she wanted to help people but didn’t want the pressure of being a doctor but she’s been noticing there’s just about the same amount of pressure as being a nurse. Outside her major Cattleya works in Yogurtland, she said even though it is fast foos she doesn’t really mind it since its pretty easy for her considering the people serve themselves and it doesn’t get too complicated. She also likes to hang out with friends at the beach or to go hiking. I really liked talking to her, it was pretty chill. snapchat-328029651.jpg


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