On March 8th, I was very happy to meet to Marilyn while I was going through the art galleries. Not gonna lie, it was pretty awkward in the beginning when we asked the basic background questions, but we really started to click when we got to sit down and have an actual conversation. So from the basic background questions I got that Marilyn is a 4th year who double majors in Business Management and Supply Chain Management who is walking in the spring but will be finishing in the fall. She commutes from Cerritos and works in Disneyland more specifically in Monsters Inc.. She has three younger brothers ages 9, 10, and 14. They were actually the reason why she is in Long Beach State, when she got in Chico State, which she really wanted to go to she realized she would have to part from them which she just couldn’t do. Now what I got from actually talking to her in a normal conversation was the fact she and I grew up as full on tomboys. We both don’t really know how to do girly things and I actually learned a lot about her through her charm bracelets. She had one with a Disney charm, another had her sorority charm, another had a unicorn on it and there were about 4 other more. So we then talked about her sorority and we found out that we had about two mutual friends. We even talked about boys which looking back seems kinda funny. Anyways, Marilyn is a really cool person that I’m glad I got to spend class with. By the way I thought her ID was really cool.


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