Exhibition Information

  • Artist: Elena Roznovan
  • Exhibition: Stop and Stare
  • Media: Sculpture
  • Gallery:  CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East
  • Email: elena_roznovan@gmail.com
  • Instagram: @eroznovan

About the Artist 

CSULB undergraduate Elena Roznovan  is a second year student working toward her MFA degree in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program.

Formal Analysis

Elena only displayed one piece in her gallery and it was of a video installation of a sunrise in the desert. It is twelve minutes long and she incorporated these rectangular screen things that I wasn’t too sure what they were but she did explain what they were intended for. The video itself is 2D and she incorporated these screens to manipulate the light to give the piece more dimension. Her piece was pretty simple in terms of materials: light, the video, and those screen things which appear to be made of wood and something else.

Content Analysis

The time lapse was a sunrise in a desert. Pretty simple. In fact it was so simple I asked her about it. Why the desert? Why not the beach or the mountains, they ar typically found to be more beautiful. She told me she loved the fact the desert was so empty, it leaves a lot of room for the artist to build upon. The air is so dry, the ground is all sand and all you can see and are therefore forced to focus on , is the sun and sky. The piece was inspired by Elena’s appreciation of light, space and movement. The piece itself is a commentary on the today’s fast paced life, where attention has to be fought for if it doesn’t directly prove itself to be beneficial or beautiful to the viewer.

Synthesis/ My Experience

I really enjoyed what she was trying to show with her time lapse, mainly because I was the prime example of what she was trying to prove. I walked right in, looked at it for like fifteen seconds and thought to myself “I don’t get it” and walked out to talk to her about it. She was right, it really shows the fast paced life that people and how much time and attention we are willing to give to those that are slow or slow us down. To be honest I thought it was a still projected picture, I didn’t stare at it long enough to know that it was a time lapse. This was a real eye opening experience.



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