For this week’s activity I kind of stepped out of the boundaries in terms of the implied rules for project. No, I did not do any stitching for this project like how we were intended to do so. I was actually inspired by an accordion looking zine that I saw in class because it was more interactive. All the zines I saw were so creative and seemed to make some point (usually with some humor) about whatever topic it focused on. I kept thinking about what topic or what kind of book I wanted to make and I couldn’t think of anything because there were so many options and I stumbled upon this picture as I was casually scrolling through my tumblr feed and as cute and pretty the eyes look, I felt there was a deeper meaning. Eyes already have so many interpretations, “gateway to the soul” “our honest feature” etc. The interpretation I was going for is given through the title: don’t look at me like that. Looking at it I think of someone alone walking, or even standing, and they are surrounded by loads of people who all seem to just be staring at them, not necessarily in a judgmental way. Not all of the eyes look mean, there is one that is surprised, but to me having so many people giving you their attention is so intimidating. So when it came to making my zine I originally thought that I’d make it into a book and every time you flipped the page you would get a new set of eyes, but that wasn’t the full extent of what I wanted to show. I wanted one to be able to focus on one set of eyes, but also to have all eyes on them, this way when you’d look at it, it’d be looking back.20170303_171017.jpg



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