On February 25, around 1:00 a.m. I was sitting on the floor with my boyfriend as we both held an oil crayon with our eyes closed and moved it around a poster. It was pretty fun at first because both our eyes were closed and it was dead silent. Also in the very beginning it was weird to see where the crayon would go if we were both moving it. After a while, it became more fluid, but we were now communicating with “okay, your turn, ready?” and I would just feel where he hands would take mine and the different levels of pressure he’d put on the paper, I was a little surprised when he would sometimes randomly lift the crayon and just place it somewhere else. He knew I wasn’t a big fan of leaving a lot of white on the poster and would occasionally stretch his arms out to get the outside when he’d lead. Overall, I really liked it. We had a lot of fun, my boyfriend was over the age so he had a few drinks beforehand while I dimmed the lights and had a nice conversation before doing the drawing. For this project my materials were the recommended poster from the art store, oil crayons from Daiso, and an extremely tired but supportive boyfriend who had just got back from work.

20170225_113016.jpg 20170225_002616


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