Exhibition Information

  • Artist: Yeri Hwang
  • Exhibition: Within Us
  • Media: Illustration and Kinetic Sculpture
  • Gallery:  CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East
  • Instagram: @yeriyeti

About the Artist 

CSULB undergraduate Yeri Hwang is a multidisciplinary artist working toward her BFA degree in the School of Art’s Illustration and Kinetic Sculpture Program.

Content Analysis

Yeri Hwang’s exhibit focused on the personal traumas that go in our minds. Our flaws, challenges and difficulties that hold us back within our past, present and future and stagnate us from moving on. Yeri wanted to emphasize to her audience that they are the heroes, foes and gods in their lives. She wants them to experience growth through self-acceptance, self-discovery and self-forgiveness.  The exhibit’s intention is to feel like a journey as one goes through each piece. Most of her pieces associated to mythological stories or had a religious connotation. Mythological stories are usually about a protagonist who discovers they are destined for greatness and is able to conquer their personal struggles. Religion, on the other hand, usually teaches one to accept and forgive other and more importantly, themselves. For these reasons, I was able to see her message much more clearly and appreciate it more.

Formal Analysis

Yeri’s pieces are entertainingly interactive, I enjoyed them so much. One of the pieces actually allowed you to adjust it to your own liking and one even lit up when you touched it. For all her pieces she used a variety of materials like wood, plastic, and even glass. However, I noticed that the most common material used, interestingly enough, was light. I felt there is some sort of symbolic representation in using light in most of her pieces. I can’t help but think, “there’s light at the end of the tunnel” as in, after we conquer our struggle we will see a light full of self-acceptance, discovery and forgiveness.

Synthesis/ My Experience

I feel that the main reason I had a great time going her exhibit was because it was focused on me but also focused on everyone else in the room. It wanted me to self reflect and let go, it encouraged me to grow and enjoy the journey. I appreciated Yeri Hwang’s intention to help those who looked at her pieces. She helped me had a hard time forgiving others, I struggled but was touched when she asked me to forgive myself. I wanted to, but had difficulties. By the end of the exhibit I had a little more respect and appreciation towards myself. I made sure to thank her in my interview with her.

20170222_123210 20170222_123158 20170222_123202 20170222_123153 20170222_123039




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