This week we were assigned to create an art care package to our person of choice and I used this as an opportunity to show my appreciation for my one of my best friends since we were extremely young. It was actually perfect timing. The day before Valentine’s day she had sent me a snap saying “remember when we would all get each other things and see each other on Valentine’s day?” I told her that I could get her something if she wanted but I knew she would never ask me for anything and she was more referring to our high school rather than Valentine’s day. I had just hung out with her the night before which end up working perfectly because I was able to get her address in Riverside without telling her I was sending her a package. In the package I included:

a fitness magazine: Amanda and I prioritize healthy eating and habits so I thought this would be perfect for her. We also went to the gym for an entire summer in high school and we always look back at it and take pride in it.

a heart box of chocolates: T’was the season and we would always get each other things on Valentine’s day in middle and high school.

a paint your own pot: It wouldn’t be an art care package if there wasn’t some art in it, but I wanted her to create the art not look at mine. I thought it was so cute and that she’d have fun with it and possibly use it.

a  little stationary set: I think this is my favorite thing in the box, it was adorable. Amanda and I love stationary stuff. It makes school so much better and desks so much more cuter. I knew she’d like it as much as I did and use it for school.

a notecard: The notecard is actually her name in Arabic and on the back there’s a little message with some explanation. One of the reasons we are such good friends is because we are both Arab and in the schools that we went to there weren’t many Arab students so we kind of had our own secret language, we could talk about other people and no one else would understand. It was awesome. Arabic was one of our strongest ties.

The actual process of sending something physically was so new and different to me, it is nothing like sending a text or snapchat. I mean, yes, you are still getting your message across because you can just text your letter, but when it comes to shipping something there’s so much more to consider like how much it will cost and if the post service will even be open. Texting or social media just seems more practical. In my opinion ephemera doesn’t really have any value unless it connects to moment that is precious that way it works as a memento. Typically, yes there is a difference between the art you’d see in a museum  and something like the art care package not because they socially accepted as art but because the artist probably more time into their art and thought because it isn’t ephemera, there art is going to live a longer time. The main difference between texting and mailing is time. One can argue that texting is more convenient in this aspect because its faster and flexible. However, mailing has so much anticipation and held excitement. I think a snapchat can have as much love as an art care package but typically it doesn’t. Snapchats are typically effortless so its hard to argue for an equity. Nonetheless, each have their pros and cons that I can now say I have experienced because this was my first time ever shipping something.





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