Wk3-Classmate Conversation-Esmeralda Mendez

I actually really liked this week’s classmate conversation. This time instead of spending like 5-10 min before the end of class, we spent just about the entire time with them. I really liked it, I don’t know maybe I just got a pretty cool person but I didn’t mind spending the time with her. I’m sure by the time we got back to the classroom we could sit back with our other friends, like how my friends in the class did but I didn’t, I stayed with Esmeralda and even asked if someone could move a seat over so that we could sit next to each other. Esmeralda is currently in her last semester at CSULB , she is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Child Development. She wants to be a high school counselor which is really cool, she is prioritizing college readiness for high school students since she was provided with that in high school but noticed her friends weren’t. She enjoys working out and actually works at a gym. But we didn’t spend too much on background information, we actually talked about dorm/apartment life since she had dormed before and I am doing it for the second time and plan to move to an apartment. She told me the realities of it and her experiences and I told her my plans and expectations, it was really nice. Excuse the huge scratch on the middle of my forehead.snapchat-1372612556524525158


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