Exhibition Information

  • Artist: Mimi Haddon
  • Exhibition: Touch Color 2
  • Media: Fibert Art
  • Gallery:  CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West
  • Website: http://mimihaddonart.com
  • Instagram: @mimihaddon

About the Artist

CSULB alumni in Graphic Design in 1994, Mimi Haddon is an MFA student studying Fiber Art in the CSULB Fiber Department. Mimi loves working in photography and costumes. In fact, the exposure to costumes led to come back to school and enroll as a student in the Fiber Department.

Content Analysis

Mimi’s interest in the way indigenous cultures utilize native materials had her wondering what native materials were relevant to her culture. Her interest in costumes brought forth this gallery,  a gallery filled with fabric. She wanted to recreate from what was already created and wasted. Her target was to comment on the, what she calls “fast fashion” consumerism. How people will produce and purchase to use and keep for a short term life. This causes  over-flooded Goodwills and landfills. She was taken away at how an item that took so much time, travel, environmental resources and human effort just to create could be so quickly thrown away. She used this as an opportunity to mass purchase this fabric from a local Goodwill and recreate her art pieces.

Formal Analysis

Her pieces were incredibly colorful and fun. As I talked with her, I was curious and asked about her inspiration. She told me about an artist who’s art she looks at, Phyllis Galembo. I looked at a few of her pieces and I can see the correlation. Phyllis is a photographer who has taken photos of colorful, indigenous costumes. The process of creating her projects begin with dissect the shirts, this is to get to know the materials with a fresh perspective. This then allows her to cut and organize them to her liking. She did not dye any of the shirts to preserve their initial color and all projects were hand sown or through a sowing machine.

Synthesis/ My Experience

I really appreciated the artist’s efforts to make a strong environmental stance of re-purposing, mainly because the environment has always been one of my own priorities. I agreed with her views and have previously thought about the amounts of human waste we produce due to our consumerism habits. I feel that her medium of public display was peaceful, yet powerful. The colors she used were warm, yet her pieces eye-catching.  I also felt her environmental statement was more subtle then others who have taken this stance. Typically an artist would create something like a painting that was obviously about the environment, however Mimi never created anything that was clearly targeting the environment. Instead she created her pieces in a way that was environment-friendly which I particularly liked.



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