Wk2-Art Experience-Landscapes With A Corpse

When thinking of what I wanted to share, I just went with the first idea that came to mind. After that I took a few amount of pictures(maybe like 2-3) of each and picked the best one. With stuff like life and death, I feel the photos should be very raw, low editing and minimal planning. My younger cousin actually took the photos and I cleared my desk and spread his homework all over it and I finished it within 10 minutes. I never thought I would die because of another person. What I mean by that is that I can’t see myself getting hit by a car, being left for dead, or being shot or stabbed. I always saw myself being the reason for my death, and it would be an internal death, which inspired these pictures: working myself to death. I come from two extremely hardworking parents who came from another country for my and my siblings’ benefit and that work ethic happened to pass on to me through time. I am goal oriented and determined. I can see myself overfilling my plate, losing sleep and not eating to be successful. It may not be healthy at times and it’ll be one of those times where I’m just going to slip up, and hopefully it doesn’t look like this.


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