Wk 2-Classmate Conversation-Toria Painter

On February 1st I had the pleasure of meeting Toria Painter, who believe it or not, is not a painter. She’s actually a dancer, and has been since the age of 4. So how did I meet her exactly? Pretty simple, I stood up walked up to other side of the class since it had to be from the other side and made eye contact with the first person I could and pointed(now thinking about it seems kind of rude) and mouthed “Do you want to?” and she said yes. Not very eventful. Anyways, the convo was actually really nice. Turns out she doesn’t only dance, even though it does take most of her time, she also likes to hike with her boyfriend of 5 years who recently moved out here from NorCal to spend more time with her. I thought was really sweet. I had a really nice time talking to her.snapchat-3590388859222284629


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