Hello Everyone! This is Bailey McCann. Here she is holding my first attempt at plaster casting because she thought it looked like Nudibranch if she painted it. She is a Marine Biology sophomore student. She is my not so new friend because I did know who she was last year, or at least I knew of her existence. She lived in my building last year, my suite actually. We had talked and greeted each other when we’d see each other. So when I walked to into a very full classroom I rushed to the first familiar face, and that was Bailey. I knew about her major, so I figured I’d ask about that since it seemed like a good start. She told me about her favorite(even though she loves them all) the Nudibranch. They are adorable. I included pictures of them to show they’re colors and forms. I feel like they are living art creatures. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with her and feel that we will definitely be getting closer this semester.

nudibranch1        nudibranch


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