On January 29th I went to Seal Beach with my roommate Alicia to plaster cast for the first time. We arrived with all our supplies and started looking for our spot, we couldn’t find our teacher but we find another student, Maya, who was super nice and she told us we were definitely at the right spot so we began to make our mold in the wet sand. First I dug a hole and stuck my hand in and began to fill it in with sand and after I tried to pull my hand out without messing up the mold which for me was the most difficult and it took me about four tries. After I finally got it, I filled it in with the mold, but by the time I got the mold it had already began to thicken so it didn’t get to reach the fingers which I had predicted would happen. After about half an hour I took out my plaster cast from the sand and I hated it. It was embarrassing, I don’t even know what it looks like because it didn’t look like my hand. However, the only good that came out of it was my friends saw and loved it. They thought it was cute and started taking pictures of it. I don’t know if they said it as a joke to make me feel better or if they legitimately meant it. Either way, I decided to give it another go. This time I made a hand print which came out much better. Yet, my friends still like my first piece more. Alicia said, “If I had to be friends with one of them, I’d pick the first one. He looks like a lot of fun.” They were willing to take it home with them if I didn’t want it, but I took it back with me even though I don’t know what to do with it. Glenn, my teacher, and I were talking about how everyone but I, the creator, liked it, like a metaphor for life. I thought it was a pretty interesting to start off the semester.


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