On January 29th I went to the Old Art Gallery at Cerritos College with my cousins and it was huge. It was set up in a maze like fashion and to be honest it was so dysfunctional and scattered I kept getting lost and confused. However, it was so free spirited and out there I couldn’t help but try to look in all the rooms I saw. When I first I walked in I saw a man with his feet in sand and my first thought was, “Is he plaster casting?! I just did this for the first time today!” I didn’t talk to him though, as I was watching him, a lady was offering him a cigar and I could already smell smoke in the air but I continued to watch him for a while. I walked through the rooms, some creeped me out like a kitchen scene that incorporated noise which I think made it stand out from the others. Some art pieces focused on political topics like the presidential election and racism. Others were really fun since they included audience participation. For example, I walked into a room a deflated ball, which I’m sure at one point was inflated, and on the wall it asked what we did with the ball and you would write your answer on a card and tape it to the wall. I didn’t get to spend very much time over there since I was on a crammed schedule so I know I didn’t get to see everything. When I got back I asked my roommate @aliciacastrocom.wordpress.com what she thought and what she saw and I knew she had saw more than me because she was there longer than I but apparently I saw things that she hadn’t when we were comparing pictures. That art gallery was huge, it’s pretty upsetting it’s going to be torn down.


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